UNT Series High Strength Circle Chain 

Flash Butt Welding Machine

UNT-100 Model High Strength Circle Chain Flash Butt Welding Machine welding ranges from diameter 4mm to 16mm. It can weld a wide scope of material such as common Q215235, 45# steel circle chain, 20Mn2, 20MnVK, A grade and B grade circle chain and 23MnV, 25MnV, C grade and D grade high strength circle chain. It can also weld low-carbon steel and low alloy steel bars, tubes and other materials after changing or adjusting pliers ranging.

Unt-160 is controlled by computer program,welding specification can be set in advance, it is a kind of semi-auto circle chain butt welding machine. It also enjoys all the properties of general butt welding machine. Matching units include splinter-removing machine, drawing machine, length-measuring machine, annealing equipment and pneumatic pump station, etc.

UNT-250 model high strength circle chain flash butt welding machine is specialized semi-auto butt welding equipment for welding of mine conveyer chain, cement lifting chain, loading chain and non-standard decoration circle chain. It is widely used in coal mine, building material, shipping, petroleum and lifting. This model of welding machine adopts flash butt welding, has characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, easy operation. It also enjoys all the properties of general butt welding machine. It can weld bars, tubes and other shape materials with changes of fasteners. We may also provide matching devices accordingly.

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unt-160.JPG (12800 bytes) unt-160.JPG (12800 bytes)



This model of welding machine is semi-auto butt welding machine controlled by computer program. It can automatically finish the whole welding process according to the welding program fixed in advance. The welding machine consists body, fastening device, melting and transmission structure, welding transformer, air compressing system, water cooling system and electric-controlled cabinet.

Technical Data:

Model Specified Capacity (KVA) Power Voltage(V)

Continuous Loading Rate()

Welding Chain Diameter(mm)

Secondary Voltage(V)

Air Compressing Pressure(M/P) Welding Weight(kg) Power Frequency(HZ) Specified Welding Production Rate(Chains/Hour)
UNT-100 100 380 20  8-16 4.5-7.6 0.55 980 50 250
UNT-160 160 380 20 14-22 4.05-8.1 0.55 2700 50 200
UNT-250 250 380 20 14-28 4-11 0.55 3120 50 180