NBC Series Carbon Dioxide Protection Welding Machine

  Because of carbon dioxide's acting as protective medium, this series of welding machine is a nationally promoted energy-saving product. It can butt weld part of low-carbon steel, low-alloy steel and fillet weld. This series apply to welding thin plate materials and has such advantages as high efficiency and little deforming after welding.


The use of notes

  1. Features

SCR welder function and performance beyond the ordinary

  1) No remote control cables and improve mobility, reduce the dropping of trouble.

  2) The design, welding dust has been considerably improved, and applied to a wide range of fields and space.

  3) have current, voltage adjustment / simple command transformation, both beginners and skilled individuals, and have handy.

  2.Attention to safety issues

To ensure safe operation, must please observe the following :

Avoid personal accident occurred warning

  1) Grounding attention welder

To prevent electrocution, electrical professionals in accordance with legal standards implemented by the grounding.

  2)Clothes to wear protective equipment safety

To prevent eye irritation and skin burns, and you must comply with Occupational Safety and Health rules, wear appropriate protective equipment.

  3) The team attention

To prevent the occurrence of harmful gas poisoning and suffocation. must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act and its implementing regulations on dust against the rules, installation of local exhaust devices or use of the effective use of respiratory protection equipment.

Prevent the occurrence of similar accidents and fires burning machines

  1) To prevent overheating and fire caused by burning machines

I should be grateful if you would keep above 20cm away from the walls and welding, and can burn items maintain a distance of more than 50cm.

  2) To prevent a fire caused by sparks and burning machines

Avoid make sparks (Splash, Flash) splashed onto flammable materials, or from the suction mouth parts into the open mouth internal.

  3) To prevent and machinery to repair damage caused by fall

F welder in the platform installation, to ensure security and prevent welder slide. Requests for a fixed anchor bolt (make sure to prevent the cylinder to fall over).

  3. The venues and the installation of power equipment

1) Installation sites

A Direct sunshine should be given to avoid, rain, moisture, dust small rooms at room temperature (-10)

B Welding metallic foreign bodies should not have access to internal

C Welding 20cm from the wall above; And the two should be separated by more than 30cm up

D In the absence of the wind arc (using wind boards)

2) Power Equipment


Three-phase AC (380V) 50Hz

Equipment capacity

Power application





7.6KVA 2 times

18.1KVA 2 times

31.9KVA 2 times

Import protection equipment





No fuse breaker (Or leakage protection)




Cable cross-sectional area

Welding power input


8mm2 above 

12mm2 above

Welding Power Output





10mm2 above

10mm2 above


When workplace relatively humid, and the monolithic, formwork on the operation, the installation of leakage protection devices.


To prevent damage to components, the arc of instability, causing damage to machinery, to comply with the following requirements : the proper use of welding

   1) Allow supply voltage fluctuations is rated input voltage range of ± 10%.

2) The use of generators at the rated input : Please use welding (7.6KVA is 200R, 350R is 18.1KVA. 500R is 31.9KVA, 630R is 45KVA) more than two times the generating capacity of the coil with compensation.

3) Input wiring : each equipped with the capacity required for the automatic welding power switch circuit breaker or fuse (or leakage protection).

4) Please use except in accordance with no fuse breaker (or leakage protection). For example : the use of welding, or motor, or Transformers.

5) Make sure the machine wire device with the designated use of matching.

The main welding torch welding power source and wire feeder and composed.

First. Information technology

Technical parameters






Input power  V

Three-phase 380 / 50Hz

Samoan import capacity KVA






Output voltageV






Admission arc voltage V






Output currentA






 Resumption arc current A






 Duty cycle


Wire type of application

Cored / cored

Apply diameter wire mm

dimension  mm






weight kg












Power Voltage (V)


Power Phase


Currency Regulation Range (A)





Continuous Loading Rate (%)


Specified Capacity (KVA)





Welding Thickness (mm)





Quality (kg)





Second. Structure

   1、Part of three-phase power transformer, rectifier, reactor, the control circuit and chassis outwardly composed.

   2、Wire :

The main structure of a wire device wire (which includes motors, gear box, round wire-school straight round clamping device, wire joints), rack, solenoid valve, silk Shaft, plug and socket components, trachea components, control boxes and other components. Interface type remote control boxes and gun users need to be equipped with.

Third. Use and maintenance

1、Welder should be installed at ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ° C and relative humidity below 90% (25°C), non-corrosive gases. water, steam, chemical deposition of dust particles, mold and other explosive local media. Meanwhile welder should not be a serious vibration and impact.

2、Do not have the time or the installation of new welder, the welder must be examined prior to the use of not less than 5 megohm insulation resistance. output side of the insulation resistance to not less than 2 Megohm. (Note : check should first output terminal wiring short), if they are less than the above value, the first welder for use in drying.

3、The installation :

(1) Welder be reliable grounding :

(2) Circuit and gas link :

Input terminal wiring welding, pipe welder at the joints after the panel, preheater power output socket wiring at the front end plate. gun control cables and sockets in welding joints trachea out front.

Priorities : connecting gas cylinders - preheater-valve-welding-torch.

Weld received a three-phase circuit connecting sequence : (380V,50Hz  power, gun control to the cable socket. will torch, welding cable welder output "+" very, welding cable to the workpiece welder output "-" very, will preheater preheater electric welder received on the socket.

4、After the link above, welder to be energized.

Opened at the front plate welding control "power" switch, the light is bright.

And round wire to wire through the welding torch, tip and check the wire operation, blocking phenomenon.

Preheater and the switching valve open, open, "Frederick gas" switch, check and adjust the gas flow protection. After the closure, "Frederick gas," Switch.

Upon completion of these preparations, both for welding torch at the buttons, can be pressed for welding, loose welding stop.

Welding adjusted by the panel at wire speed knob on the voltage regulator pronounced complete. Inductance different welding requirements of the regulation that is needed? Different sizes of the wiring current output.

(1) Power conditioning; Voltage Regulator step one. Rough adjustment switch three ratings : rough adjustment, multiple voltage regulation increased. 2. Switch : fine-tune fine-tune the sub-10 stalls, conditioned on the base coarse adjustment knob adjustments to fine-tune the voltage switches will Incremental.

(2) Wire speed adjustment :

Current regulation wire feed rate is adjusted according to the welding process, welding technology, adjustment knob to achieve the optimum wire feed rate front plate welding current.

(3) Inductance options :

The welder use multiport anode output, the output terminal inductance, in order to facilitate the users choice.

5、Maintained :

(1) The corresponding rate of sustained load using welding.

(2) Observe the tip wear, such as severe wear badly in need of replacement.

(3) Periodic inspection of wire, wire round of severe wear it.

(4) Do not repair the torch, torch will be prohibited after work on the platform. Forced myself not to put links welding, and not pressure drop.

(5) Welder to keep clean.

Fourth. Troubleshooting




Low-load voltage

1、Single phase operation

2、The input voltage is not correct

3、Three-phase full-wave rectifier for the group, a silicon component damage (short or way)

1、To check the labor costs of insurance, such as burn-please replacement.

2、Input supply voltage checks, and transferred rating.

3、Rectifier diodes check whether there are short - or way phenomenon.

No-load voltage regulation and the scope of the normal 

1、KHS Universal Contacts have access switch.

2、Coil tap lead levels out of a transformer fault.

1、Check for the presence of the Contact Xu Han, then check for the presence of false leads, should be replaced if damaged switch.

2、To check if the stall than normal voltage transformer coil or repair Lead.

Wire is not functioning

1、The control circuit or fuse wire circuit Burn.

2、The wire-speed potentiometer zero.

3、AC contactor not move.

4 、Wire circuit malfunction, adjusting transistor preservatives, W1 and the potential for damage to degenerate LM317 other components.

5、The electrical fault.

1、The replacement of fuse.

2、The wire feed rate adjustment knob.

3、It moves inspection of printed circuit boards DC relays, circuit if lost, Contact DC Relay check whether good contact, such as damage to be replaced.

4、As detailed brochure control circuit, the replacement of defective parts.

5、Electrical repairs.

CO2 shielding gas is not cut out or not

1、The electromagnetic valve malfunction.

2、The flow device nowhere.

1、Check loop electromagnetic valve, the valve ends 36V AC voltage, the valve is damaged, repaired or replaced.

2、Overhaul CO2 gas heating, vacuum flow device.

 Uneven transmission wire welding process

1、Wire roller wear.

2、Pressure wire handle pressure enough.

1、The replacement of wire roller

2、Spring increased the pressure on the handle or the handle with a downward displacement blocks after the bear.

Weld porosity

1、CO2 gas or impure water containing too many.   

2、Or abnormal flying nozzle was blocked.

3、Current, voltage, welding speed is too large, too small gas flow.

4、Wire Deoxidizer contained too little.

5、Convection of air around too much.

6、Welding pieces of dirty or wet.

1、CO2 gas purification.

2、Adjusting or cleaning.

3、Adjusted norms, adjusted for flow.

4、For wire.

5、Defensive style device.

6、Clean weldment.

The process of welding spatter excessive

1、The anti-Connected

2、Regulate improper "such as high voltage and current".

3、The wire feed rate instability.

4、The wire stretched out too long.

5、Tip wear.

1、Anode should access the workpiece.

2、Adjusted norms.

3、The control circuit inspection, electrical, wire wheel and pressure handle with silk spring compress degree.

4、And cut the distance between nozzle and welding pieces of the "short circuit welding when >10mm

5、The replacement tip.

Workpiece welding cracks

1、The workpiece is dirty;

2、The high wire sulfur, manganese low;

3、Welding unreasonable.


2、Wire transfer;

3、Changing process conditions.

Weld Depression "occlusion"

1、High-speed welding;

2、Far below current welding speed;

3、Torch angle too.

1、Lower welding;

2、Adjusted norms.

3、Correct perspective.

 Rong deep enough

1、The current low;

2、Low voltage;

3、The length of wire stretched out too much;

4、Then anti-polarity;

5、Fine wire, workpiece thickness;

6、Welding pieces groove is too narrow, too small angle, the gap is too small.

1、Increasing wire speed;

2、Adjustment switch position;

3、Reducing the extended length;



 Weld irregular in shape

1、The wire stretched out too long;

2、The wire too hard;

3、The current relatively high voltage;

4、Welding speed is too low;

5、Wire-speed instability.

1、Reducing the extended length;

2、Wire transfer;

3、Lower wire feed rate;

4、Higher welding speed;

5、The inspection control circuit, the electrical wire wheel and pressure handle with silk spring compress degree.

Did not send wire

1、The pressure did not play a role round

2、The electrical switch is not

1、The pressure to wire

2、The electrical cable joints whether the relaxation should be replaced if the electrical fault

Courtesy of instability wire

1、Round wire in the wire between Ferry and sliding pressure

2、Wire and wire diameter sizes inconsistent round of trench

3、Excessive bending gun hose

4、The guide wire into the dirt tube

5、The inner surface conductivity mouth too rough

1、Adjust pressure

2、Round wire-transfer surface or replacement

3、Will directly reduce the whole bending Bend

4、The clean-up or replace wire

5、The replacement torch tip

Protection not send gas

1、Did not open the main valve

2、The high pressure

3、Solenoid valve malfunction

1、Opened the valve

2、Regulate pressure in the following 5kg/ cm2

3、Remove or replace the solenoid valve failure

 Wire bending donated

1、The school has not tuned in straight round

2、Bending gun catheter serious

1、School adjustment straight round

2、Reducing the curvature