BX1 Series AC Arc Welding Machine

    The welding-machine of this series uses move-iron structure, which can weld parts of  steel of low carbon or low alloy. It can be  manipulated by only one person. Compared with ordinary welding machines using natural cooling method, the BX1-250BX1-315 and BX1-500 using forcing blast cooling method, therefore they have such advantages as light weight and more easily moved than natural cooling welding machine. The welding-machines of this series can be applied not only to mines or enterprises but also to medium and small sized repairs.     

First. attention to safety issues to avoid major personal accident, please observe the following :

1.1 Installation, use of the former welder, please read carefully the use of brochures, and to comply with the warning welder website content and language warning.

2.2 Please professionally trained and professionally qualified staff to be able to carry out the welding installation, operation and maintenance.

3.3 The use of cardiac pacemakers, without health care professionals, not close to being engaged in welding operations and the use of welding. energized the magnetic field generated by the welding work will have an adverse effect on pacemakers.

4.4 The non- concerned personnel are not allowed to enter welding worksite.

5.5 Not allowed to work outside the welding machine for welding.

In order to avoid an electric shock hazard, please observe the following :

Once exposed live parts may be caused fatal burns and electric shock

   1.1 Please do not touch any part of electricity

2.2 Started welding work, should carefully check the importation of power lines to protect the earth wire and cable insulation and good welding. wiring is correct, reliable and whether the distribution box and power line capacity to meet the needs.

3.3 Weld and other protective devices in the demolition of shell off the case should not be used for welding operation

4.4 The operator must wear protective safety welding supplies.

5.5 Finished welding or welding operations temporarily left the scene, we should cut off the importation of all welding power source.

6.6 The welder should be regular maintenance professionals.

7.7 Stands as a breakdown of the use of timely inspection, troubleshooting before you continue to be used.

To avoid arc welding, flying, welding slag, smoke and harmful gas hazards, the use of protective equipment

Arc light will cause eye irritation and skin burns.

Spatter, welding slag burns to the eyes, skin burns.

The gentle smoke and dust in air is harmful to your health.

Narrow places welding operations, Oxygen deficit is able to lead to suffocation.

1.1 During welding operations or observation, monitoring welding operations, the use of qualified welding wear protective masks or protective glasses.

2.2 Welding set up around the separation barrier in place to prevent harm to others arc.

3.3 Wear a mask, welding attention to the ventilation exhaust place to prevent the occurrence of gas poisoning and suffocation.

Especially in the welding or coated with the coating material, we will create harmful dust and gases, we must pay more attention to defense.

4.4 Welding in a confined place, the district should arrange for inspections of ventilation and staff Officers regularly check whether normal operations.

To prevent fire, explosion, bursting the accident occurred, the following provisions :

Spatter from the welding, welding slag, thermal contact with the workpiece will fuel fire.

power supply circuit, the welding circuit connecting Department should ensure good contact, otherwise the work will cause local overheating.

In the absence of effective preventive measures before the ban in sealed containers filled with a flammable substance or welding. otherwise it would cause an explosion or burst.

1.1 Welding worksite is not allowed with flammable, explosive or combustible materials.

2.2 Connection of the cables will be required reliable and good insulation.

3.3 When the welding or sealed container containing flammable material (such as pipes, boxes, beds, etc.). have to ask the expert to develop effective preventive measures can do welding.

4.4 In the welding field should be equipped with the necessary safety equipment, just in case.

Contact rotating parts will cause injuries, the following provisions :

       1.1 Please do not demolish the shell off, or other protective devices for the use of welding.

2.2 Not to fingers, clothes, hair and other parts of the rotation near the welder (such as cooling fan), to prevent injuries.

To prevent the welding machine and caused fire damage to the insulation properties, please observe the following rules :

1.1 Welder placed at the site to ensure welding spatter from the metal powder or other operations. metal shaving tablets into internal welder, who have found access, and ensure all of 7659, following the demolition of shell, blowing with compressed air or other methods to remove the net.

2.2 After the insulation properties of lead dust accumulation and may even cause an internal short circuit and affect the normal use of welding, Please light of the actual situation and send regular maintenance professionals.

Secondwelding machines and the main technical parameters of structural features

main use :

Weld way: AC single manual welding arc welding

Major welding materials : steel, low alloy steel

structural characteristic:

1.1 Moving core arc welding transformer, welding current level without regulation, stable and easy to use.

2.2 IP21 rating for a protective shell, safe and reliable.

3.3 With the rings, and the wheel to facilitate the use of lifting and moving a short distance.

4.4 Small welder(200A) a voltage switch, we can use 220 or 380 Overhead voltage.

5.5 Current and former board equipped with hand wheel adjustment instructions brands, adjust current convenience.

Main technical parameters :

Welder the main technical parameters are listed below








Rated input voltage


Single-phase 380/220

Single-phase 380

Rated frequency



Rated load voltage







Rated welding current







Current regulatory scope







Rated duty cycle




Rated input capacity







 Insulation Level





Forced air cooling















Basal principle

First. Welding machine electricity principle picture as follows   


Second. The basic use

The use of environmental conditions :

  1.1 The surrounding air temperature : -10 +40

2.2 Air relative humidity :

at +40 in: 50%

at +20 in:   90%

3.3 Ambient air dustacidcorrosive gases or substances not exceed normal levels, except for the welding process.

4.4 Not more than 1000m above sea level.

5.5 Not suitable for prolonged use in the salt air.

6.6 Welding supply voltage fluctuations do not exceed the rated input voltage of 10%.

7.7 Wind 1.5m/s the work place.

8.8 Not suitable for use in the rain.

9.9 Not suitable for use in the sun for a long time.

welder place :

  1.1 Welder should be placed in Steady, less vibration from the walls of not less than 20cm.

2.2 Welder should be placed in non-iron, less dust, clean dry place.

3.3 Prevent rain or water erosion.

welder link :

  1.1 Welder link should be professionals.

The initial and long-term use of the new place and then re-use the welder welding, wiring, Application Megger measuring between primary coil and coil, primary coil and coil insulation resistance between the frame with no low-1M.

2.2 Welder and overcurrent protection switches should be equipped with the exclusive distribution function boxes (board) , with the capacity to be used for welding match.

3.3 Connection between the start, has cut off power supply should be recognized.

4.4 Welder from the distribution box to recommend the use of the order on the beyond-visual input power cord soft PVC multiple Copper Wire; Another welder output from the workpiece (grounding clip) and the link between welding tongs should be used YH or YHF welding or special rubber insulated cables.

5.5 Welder earthing recommend the use of cross-sectional area of not less than 6mm2 Core; Using Aluminum Core line, recommend the general area of not less than 10mm2.

6.6 We have to connect the wiring is correct, reliable. Power linescable insulation should be good.

7.7 Welding supply voltage is same with the input voltage.

The use of welding

Welder installed after the link, according to the following sequence of operations (operations should have received professional training. Welding made for qualified personnel).

  1.1 Check all links are correct, reliable.

2.2 Inspect power lines, welding cable insulation is good, if damaged, Insulating intact or be replaced with baling wire insulation good.

3.3 Welding parts that require inspection, it has serious corrosion, paint or other substantial impact on the quality of welding fixtures, if any, removals should be clean, so as not to affect the quality of welding.

4.4 Open distribution boxes (board) on the power switch.

5.5 Opened the welder Power Switch (for the use of two voltage of 380 volts and 220 volts small welding machine, it should be noted that : with the power supply voltage at the switch), rotating fans.

6.6 Current regulatory hand wheel rotation (stalk), welding, Current former board transferred to the corresponding instructions needle position (where the value of the current instructions for reference).

7.7 The  same with the work piece material on the test welding, welding under test conditions, the optimum welding current to the best value.

8.8 Implementation of welding operations.

9.9 Welding operations disposed of (or temporarily left the scene welding).

10.10 Cut off the Welder power supply.

11.11 Cut distribution boards (boards) power.

The use of attention :

1.1 Actual needs of the welding current size, will be workpiece thickness, electrode size and the influence of factors such as welding positions.

    Electrode with a diameter of the welding current relations have shown in the following table :

Electrode diameter (mm)

Welding current (A)

Electrode diameter (mm)

Welding current (A)















2.2 To ensure the normal life welder, according to the duty cycle welder and welder to avoid overload.Weld will set off a serious burn.

Welder rated duty cycle is a very important technical parameters, Weld said it rated in the actual welding current work in a welding cycle time (10 minutes) the percentage.

For example : Welder rated duty cycle of 60%, which is rated in Taiwan welder welding current, Welding allowed under six minutes, four minutes and then empty the recycling.

When the actual welding welding current is less than the rated current welder, welding time can be extended.Then load rate calculated by the following formula :

Allowable load sustained rate = (Rated welding current actual welding ) 2 rated duty cycle

3.3 Be connected to the welding joint firm, otherwise they will be barred from access to localized overheating and burning or welding cable connector.

4.4 Welding cables should not be longer than generally should not exceed 15m. As a result of actual needs to be lengthened, if welding arc welding current is too small or difficult situations, C and appropriate cables.

5.5 Welder prevent rain; To place in cool, dry ventilation, avoid moisture, with iron dust and placed in many places; In summer, not in use for long periods under direct sunshine.

6.6 Operators should wear protective safety complete welding supplies.

7.7 Or temporary work after leaving the scene, we must cut off the power supply box welder and distribution.

8.8 Weld should pay attention to the use of state, found abnormal, should immediately check stands, remove anomalies can continue its work.

Fourth. The maintenance welder

  1.1 Welder maintenance should be professionals, maintenance before 7659.

2.2 Welder maintenance should be conducted at least once every six months.

3.3 At least the following maintenance work should be carried out.

A Measuring with a Megger between the primary coil and coil. with the primary coil and coil insulation resistance between the frame must not be less than 1 M;

B In addition to using compressed air or brush the dust deposition on the machine;

C Check whether the connecting link firmly and eliminate all connecting unreliable;

D Check whether firmly fixed coils and other components, must be loosened if solid.

Fifth. General Troubleshooting

Welder general breakdown of the causes and treatment methods are listed below :



Exclusion method

Welding without welding current output

1.1 Welder without input voltage input;

2.2 Shedding internal wiring or circuit;

3.3 Internal coil burn.

1.1 Distribution boxes to check the switch input welding, wire, Fuse whether good, solid connection, whether the wiring;

2.2 Weld inspection internal switch, coil wiring is intact;

3.3 Burning the coil replacement.

Current difficulties too small or arc welder

1.1 Low voltage network;

2.2 Power lines imported small cross-sectional area;

3.3 Welding cable is too long or too small cross-sectional area;

4.4 A painting dirt workpiece;

5.5 Have access to the workpiece and welding output cables.

1.1 To be returned to the rated voltage network after use;

2.2 According to the rated input current welding machine equipped with sufficient cross-sectional area of the power line;

3.3 Welding cables increase or decrease in cross-sectional Area of welding cable length of less than 15 meters;

4.4 Weld remove the dirt;

5.5 Good contact with the workpiece output cables.

Weld began.

Burnt smell emitted smoke or

1.1 Welder super load;

2.2 Wrong input voltage or high voltage (220 volts and 380 Overhead available for the two types of welding voltage, Voltage Overhead wrong by 380 to 220 volts Access);

3.3 Coil internal short circuit;

4.4 Fans will not be diverted; (New welder initial use, a slight varnish flavor emitted is normal).

1.1 Welding work in strict accordance with the duty cycle, to avoid overload;

2.2 Input voltage wiring and the actual operation;

3.3 Check coil, excluding short-circuit fault;

4.4 Fans check and remove Fan Trouble.

Welder big noise

1.1 Coil Short;

2.2 Loose coil;

3.3 Moving core vibration;

4.4 Coat or chassis fastening screws loose.

1.1 Check coil, excluding short-circuit;

2.2 Check coil s good loose;

3.3 Adjusting screw displacement of the top tight;

4.4 Check fastening screws loose to eliminate the phenomenon.

No cooling fan switch

1.1 Fan Connection peeling. Break or their connections;

2.2 Blade was stuck;

3.3 Fan motor bad.

1.1 Fans wiring inspection, troubleshooting;

2.2 Gently pull the fan to check whether rotational flexibility;

3.3 Or replacement of the entire electrical blower.

Electrical shell

1.1 Welding cables or power line tour package;

2.2 Welding cable insulation defects collision workpiece

3.3 After the collision loose coil core;

4.4 Collision internal shell or bare wire frame.

1.1 Watt, excluding collision shell;

2.2 Inspect welding cable, and wrapped with insulation damaged;

3.3 Check coil, well adjusted and secured the loose coil;

4.4 Traverse internal checks and remove shell collision Department.

Six. Randomly documents

Each welder at the factory equipped with the following technical documents :

1.1  Use brochures         1

2.2  Certification             1

3.3  Warranty cards.       1